Rock Penticton Rink On Sunday Night

By: Jordan Shade

Sunday was a day for figuring skating to see all the favorite stars from the past and aboard, happening at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

Elvis Stojko, was the most fun on the ice giving the audience lots of laughter when he attempted to sing with the microphone on but on the hand clapping part for some of the time from the attendees it was spectacular. Patrick Chan was very charming with his own personality in his moderate way one of these pleasers who will get a ladies attention.

Overall a great event put on by SOEC 90 minutes of fun and excitement on a Sunday evening yes including the acrobatics on ice was incredible honestly a big hand for the gentleman for holding up their ladies with 1 hand.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir touched every Canadians lives bringing families from coast-to-coast together during Olympics and special ice-skating events especially when they won gold in 2010 front of the supportive home crowd, becoming the first North American ice dancers to be crowned Olympic champions.

A strong powerful message being sent to the crowd and tears running down the eyes they said THANK YOU CANADA!