By: Jordan Shade

The UpperDek Vees, a local community hockey team,  is hosting an event
open to the general public at 7 pm, Feb. 16th at the OHA rink,
attached to the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton.

Jeremy Sirakov, one of the coaches for the UpperDek Vees, explained
that the program helps people who have special needs, who want to
learn the game of hockey. The training is at no cost.

The team have been bag skating to get their legs strong so they can
match-up against the RCMP in the upcoming event.








This is all meant in good fun but also to raise money for the special
needs community who don’t have a lot of equipment for those who want
to play hockey.

“We came away with the win and the second game the RCMP won the game,
so this game is really the tie breaking game,” said Sirakov. “Both
teams will be coming out fast and doing what they can do to beat the
other opponent.”

All funds raised will support the local team, a program that the
community benefits from, according to those involved.