No Love Between UpperDek Vees and The Law Enforcers

By: Jordan Shade

On Sunday the Upperdek Vees went up against the RCMP at the OHA arena to see is if the policemen should trade in their gear for hockey sticks. 

The UpperDek Vees had the lead after one period, but then the police team came from behind to take the lead heading into the second period. It was a fast-paced, intense game, especially for the Upperdek team as they were down by two goals. 

When the third period began, the RCMP came out hitting hard, leading to their first penalty of the hockey game. This gave the UpperDek team momentum to score a powerplay goal. Then one of the Vees took a penalty for body checking one of the RCMP on the ice. 

The final score was 12-12 tie, but it was all in good fun, raising money for the Vees Hockey team and also the Alzheimer Society. It’s the team’s way of giving back to the community for helping when they first needed support.  The hockey game itself raised $1175.00 from admission donations at the front door.

The RCMP players donated $350.00 for people with developmental disabilities who want to learn how to skate and play hockey.