Canadian Tire Mega Motocross show Returns to Peachfest 2020

One of the longest-running headliner events at the Penticton Peach Festival is bringing back
their adrenaline-charged show.

The popular Canadian Tire Mega Motocross show will feature Global FMX and Sledgehammers
Apparel riders along with an added new twist of the Havoc Scooters professional riders joining
them with their own ramp to display jaw-dropping tricks.

“This has become a favourite, not-to-miss event for attendees over the years because these
riders put it all out on the line for a thrilling show,” said Peach Festival president Don Kendall, of
the Canadian Tire Mega Motocross show which is entering its fifth year at the festival.
The freestyle motocross show will take place over three of the five days of the festival, which
runs from Aug. 5 to 9. The full schedule will be released closer to the event.

Sledgehammers riders Kris Garwasiuk, Jeff Fehr, Chris Nolan and alternate Jay Soltes will bring
the crowd to their feet as they perform backflips, cliffhangers and other heart-pounding tricks
that leave the crowd cheering for more.

“Everyone is excited to be back for Peach Festival because it is the riders’, and my own,
favourite event to perform at. The weather is great and the diligence of the Peach Festival board
is so on point, there is never anything missed. We want to give a special thanks to Peach
Festival President Don Kendall and Canadian Tire owner Doug MacMillan for ensuring that we
get to come back and perform,” said Derek Rouselle, promotions manager for Global FMX and
Sledgehammers owner.

Professional scooter rider Jayden Lock, who gave the Peach Festival crowd a taste of what they
can expect at last year’s festival returns along with pro rider Dejion Taylor (Los Angelas, Calif.).
Rouselle said the Havoc Scooters riders will bring a box jump, which will be specifically for
inverted tricks. This will be set up in between the motocross ramp and their showtimes will fill in
when the motocross riders need breaks and are handing out prizes to the crowd.

“It is insane what these guys can do. Last Peach Festival, Jayden pulled off a few tricks from the
motocross ramp which is crazy because it is basically grated metal for the motocross tires stick
to it, not for a scooter. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do off a proper ramp for their
scooters,” said Rouselle. “We are expecting four scooter riders in total and these guys are
active competitors, going to events all over the world.”

Rouselle said the crowd should also expect more prizes and swag to be handed out.
“Last year we had the owner of Havoc Scooters in attendance and we pretty much gave out
everything we had in the first couple days. He was so excited to be there he drove home and
brought us back more scooters to give away. I think in total we collectively gave away $10,000
to $12,000 in merchandise,” said Rouselle. “It is part of why the riders love Peach Festival. The
crowd is high energy and the bleachers are so close that it allows the riders to have immediate
interaction with them. A lot of the times bleachers are so far away we don’t get that engagement
during a show and the ability to hear the crowd screaming their head off, which inspires the
riders to go bigger.”

The Penticton Peach Festival is five days of free family fun including live music, entertainment,
carnival rides, parades, food and product vendors and more. The annual event began in 1947
and music headliners this year include Honeymoon Suite sponsored by Peters Bros. (Aug. 5),
Shawn Austin on Tim Hortons Country Night (Aug. 6), Simply Queen on RE/MAX Penticton
Tribute Night (Aug. 7), Glass Tiger sponsored by Peters Bros. (Aug. 8) and wraps up with Ben
Waters sponsored by the Penticton Lakeside Resort (Aug. 9).

Peach Festival will be making more announcements in the lead up to August as they continue to
work on the release of the full schedule. Stay up-to-date by following them on social media at,