Written By: Jordan Shade


Gail Dawn Fisher, owner/operator of Superstar Karaoke, has done

something to catch the audience’s attention since working from home on

social media.


She decided to start the company when friends took her out to do

karaoke at a bar and she realized how horrible the sound and light



Now, Fisher, who used to be in the bands Northern Storm and Shotgun

Riders in Alberta, wants people to have an absolutely wonderful

experience by providing the best sound equipment.


She works with shy people one on one and makes the guest singer stare

continuously throughout the entire song for the first time and second

time too.


“The individual picks a song they would normally sing in the car or

shower. then with a friend after they’re hooked they’ll be back every

week, it’s music therapy,” she said.


Fisher was also faced with some challenges.


 Facebook giant would mute out the majority of sound for most of her

four hour long, live videos, even though she has the rights to play

the tunes.


This was one hurdle that was really hard to overcome.


Her ultimate goal is to be successful and prosper in the next five

years, maybe even turning it into a TV show sometime in the near



Those interested in joining in the fun can head down to The Longhorn

Pub in Vernon, Wednesdays 7pm to 12pm(Midnight), or Saturdays 7 pm to

1 am, or if you’re in Salmon Arm, Setters Neighborhood Pub, Fridays

8pm to 12 am (Midnight).